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At the Work and Play Special Needs Resource Center, we understand the power of raising awareness and embracing the uniqueness of each individual.


By purchasing our Children's World Down Syndrome Day Shirts, you show your support for the cause and contribute to our mission.


All proceeds from this fundraiser will go towards future World Down Syndrome Day events and a statewide gathering event for families with Down Syndrome in Southeast Michigan. Yes, we have BIG plans to bring joy and connection to families across the region!


This special day is celebrated in school districts across Washtenaw County and the surrounding areas. Join us as we recognize the value and abilities of individuals with Down Syndrome. 


Officially observed by the United Nations since 2012, WDSD holds a special place in our hearts. The date chosen, the 21st day of the 3rd month, symbolizes the trisomy of the 21st chromosome, which brings forth the remarkable journey of individuals with Down Syndrome.


These vibrant, high-quality shirts are tailored for youth sizes, ensuring a comfortable fit for your child. Each shirt proudly displays the symbolic WDSD logo, representing solidarity and celebration.


Let's create a world where everyone is celebrated and supported. Raise awareness, spark conversations, and ignite change with our Children's World Down Syndrome Day Shirts. Join us on this incredible journey as we spread joy, empower families, and champion the potential of every child.


Order your Children's World Down Syndrome Day Shirts today and be a part of something special. Together, we can make a difference and celebrate the individuals with Down Syndrome in our lives.

Step Into the Spirit of Inclusion With Our WDSD 2024 Youth Shirts

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