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Respite Care Onboarding

"This is an excellent opportunity for a college student who wishes to pursue a career in the neurodivergent community. Becoming a respite care worker can provide valuable experience, insights and connections. It will enrich your resume and allow you to make a difference in people's lives."

One of the largest needs within the disability community (especially in Southeast Michigan) is the need for respite care workers.  Respite care workers provide parents and caregivers of those with disabilities a chance to step back and regroup.    

Not all individuals with developmental disabilities require extensive care. It is important to understand that they are not all dependent in ways that are commonly assumed. We are seeking companionship and support for these individuals, which is simpler than traditional babysitting. Some may need rides to therapies and doctors' offices. Others may need someone to sit with them while their caregiver is out and about running errands. Some of our children love to play games and sports. The type of individual you get placed with is determined by your heart and limits.


Common Questions

Step 1: Enter your email address below and download the pdf file.  Fill out and return to our office.

Click here to download pdf file.

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