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Best Buddies Citizens

Washtenaw County

Check out this Opportunity for Adults with Developmental Disabilities to have social, recreational and friendship opportunities here in Washtenaw County!! What is Best Buddies Citizens? 

Best Buddies Citizens pairs an adult with an intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) in a one-to-one friendship with an adult without IDD from their local community. Through the program, these two adults, called a buddy pair, develop a mutually enriching friendship and experience life together. 

A Citizens friendship match is made based on similar age, interests, and geographic proximity.  By participating in the program each buddy pair agrees to develop their friendship through weekly communication and spending time together at least twice a month. Participants commit to their friendship for at least a year, but many matches often grow into life long friendships! There will also be group activities such as hanging out at a coffee shop, going to the movies and going to sporting events! 


In Washtenaw County, we currently have Best Buddies College Chapters at the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University.  This pairs college students with young adults with developmental disabilities in friendship and social activities.  We are launching Best Buddies High School Chapters here in Washtenaw County as well.  Our goal is to have friendships as well as recreational activities for individuals with developmental disabilities from high school throughout their adult lives.  With Best Buddies Citizens, we will need adults from all walks of life without developmental disabilities to join us in a wonderful experience. It promise to be a lot of fun!  Please consider joining us in making Washtenaw County a more inclusive community for those with developmental disabilities! 

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